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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I've made my bed and I will sleep in it! Even without sheets.

Guess who's back?

That's right, it has been a very long time since I have written anything on the internet, aside from my recent bablings on, however I hope that in my abscense all of the 4 people who consistenly read were able to find someone else's lives to invade.

This one will be short seeing as I must gather myself for a busy day of work (FUN! no, seriously my job kicks ass) but I will do my best to catch a lot of folks up here.

In April I discovered that my good friend Geoff could provide his service and get me an internship at New Line Cinema (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lord of the Rings, The Notebook, and such). Seeing as I was graduating in May I felt 'What the hell?' and decided at the end of the summer I would move out to Los Angeles and work for FREE at New Line.

Over the summer I lived and worked in the Outer Banks at one of my families restaraunts Chili Peppers and also at the Flying Fish. Started surfing and left for L.A. at the end of August.

So here I am now, writing at 8 a.m. after having many inspirational stories strike me since I got here. I figured it was high time I got back to sharing, even though nobody asked me, the life that I lead. Not to gloat or toot my own horn but its a pretty good one right now.

So now I get up every morning and walk about a mile and a half to an office off of Beverly Drive near the Beverly Center. New Line's office isn't the biggest or the smallest but it is a nice place. I walk into the second floor each morning and sitting to my left are two Oscars, representing all the great work that has been done and will be done in this same office. I pass as row of smiling assitants, most of whom acknowledge my existence and proceed to the rest of my date, which consists of copying scripts, delivering scripts, reading scripts, discussing scripts and movies, and generally anything invovling the development of movies.

Dig it?

So to say that working for free is bullshit is, well like your opinion man. I highly enjoy it and am hoping that all my hard work will pay off and retain me a real square job at New Line or anywhere else. So suffice it to say that this is what my new 'blog' will be about. Well that...and a pair of testicles.

I now live with Geoff and our other roommate Nathan, along with our sometimes here sometimes not wannabe roommate John One Lung. They have been having their escapades long before I arrived, but now I have the pleasure of joining in so expect to hear alot about them as well.

Anyway, this is the boring, getting to know you again chit-chat and dont harp on me bc i am not being "funny" or "cynnical" or voicing my very overbearing opinion on something, but DONT WORRY, I WILL!

Expect more updates than you can shake a stick at baby, bc I have ammuntion now and as fun as JMU was, there is more action out here to write about in a day than there are titties in a horror flick.