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Thursday, December 15, 2005

why did i move to southern kalifornia?

over the past few days i've really been pondering whether or not i want to stay here. i mean, it took a lot of guts and balls to come out here to work for nothing and just hope that my hardwork was acknowledged, but lately i've been really considering that my time here might be done.
i don't like the thought of leaving; i want to stay and make movies and be around flim; it's all i've ever wanted to do. there are pro's to staying and con's to staying, as well as pro's to leaving and con's to leaving.

i would make a list but its all frivolous nonsense that you wouldnt care about anyway. Let's just say i have no car, i have no money, i am loveless, people dont like me really here bc apparently i get way to angry way too fast or something...whatever. im really just sick of being judged by a lot of people that dont' know me.

what it boils down to is grit. do i have grit? i always thought when hunter said that he was "chock full of that-man!" he was just being drugged out, but in all honesty, to venture to this place and do something that takes a lot of thick skin to survive, you really do have to have true grit.


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