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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

(drugs + alcohol) / saturday X FSU loss = sloppy ry ry

So after a weekend of total debauchery at homecoming, i took a vow of sobriety (from alcohol) in order to cleanse myself of all the ridiculous weekend binge's we have been on since i moved to L.A. despite my most valiant effort, it was thwarted on the sunday night following homecoming in honor of the great Bill Williams 23rd birthday. i got drunk, what can i say? it happens.

This past saturday i was once again halted in my journey to cleansing myself when FSU proceeded to lose violently to NC State. Nathan and I both were in a lot of pain so to speak, and while he numbed it with a potion of beer and cigarettes, i decided to "miss the pain" with a concotion of bowl hits and beer, not to mention a little pizza. This was probably not the best idea, especially when you are trying to get rid of the bad toxins in your body and try to start anew. Well shoot me, I am going to start this weekend.

So i have been reading a lot of Tucker ( lately at work, which has caused me to bust out laughing on numerous occasions soliciting various stares and looks around the office as to what exactly is causing such a riot in my respective cubicle.

In regards to that man, i have only two things to say:

1) He is a man

2) I could tell the same stories, with the same endings, punchlines and all if i didn't have any sense of decency either.

While he is frickin' hilarious, he has no respect for the women he fucks or the people he comes in contact with on an almost daily basis. Now this makes for a great read, but really how does one live a life like this, unless ofcourse it is all complete horseshit?

I know he is a good friend of RP( who is in turn a friend of mine, and a well respect journalist in the blogger world, but seriously, who hasn't had blowjob follies or anal mishaps? I SURE KNOW I HAVE!

In any case, i suggest reading his blog, it is quite good and actually makes me feel like being more of an asshole than i already am when i get drunk. I have decided to start reading a t-max story before i go out on the town from now on to get a sense of arrogance about me in order to hook up since i havn't done that in quite a while.

That being said, I now welcome any offers on boobies. All are welcome to apply, just email me @

Until then, your moment of booyah...


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