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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

bring the thunder bitch

another productive day at the office. i had an interview today with an executive producer about his assistant job, which will be opening up fairly soon. there were four or so others who also interviewed. i don't really know what to think. our session went well far as i could tell, but i found out that he is having us all read the same script and give him ideas on it. made me feel..i dont know...apart of a herd or something. i dont like shit like that; selling myself always makes me feel uncomfortable, i would much rather have my performance show my ability rather than have to convince someone verbally of it. anyway, about 7 or so people who knew i was interviewing asked me post-meeting how it went. so here's my response and here's what i was really thinking.

when asked: So how'd it go?

my response: It went well. We talked about his projects and what i liked/disliked and he asked me to read a script and give him some ideas.

my real thoughts: Fuck if i know? How do i know? All i can say is that ofcourse it went well for me! i smiled like an idiot and praised his accomplishments! So on and so forth... that's all i can really tell you, i dont know how the hell it went because im not the one making the fucking decision now am i? I mean, is anyone really going to answer with "I BOMBED"? Go away, you bother me.

so that was my morning. my afternoon was filled with more bullshit copying and crappy work. oh what fun!!

On a brighter side, we had our "Just Friends" employee screening tonight. While I knokw most of you don't know what the hell that movie is or who is in it, much less when it is coming out, but I must tell you now, without any agenda, that it was one fucking funny good time of a movie.

Elements of this film were great; the dialogue was hilarious, the characters were colorful, the scenes were zany and physically funny but not over the top unbelieveable that you didn't laugh, the concept was good because we all have had that friend we just wanted to bang and never could get out of the "friend zone" as it is described so eloquently in the film, and last but not least Amy Smart and Ana Farris were hot as shit, PLUS NOT TO MENTION Ryan Reynolds and the actor who plays his brother put on an amazing on screen duo performance rivaling that of Bridges/Goodman in Lewbowski.

All in all, i give it a rousing score and suggest you check this one out with your family and friends over the thanksgiving holiday, i promise you it will be enjoyable.

Now, this is for all of you who read this that i don't know. I would like to start getting some comments going, i know that it is hard to talk about things when i don't really provide rousing topics of interest. That being said you are obviously here for a reason, and that reason is to read my dribble, however, when i do give you something interesting nobody talks either, so i don't know what to say. Should i say i hate jews? or blacks? would that get the feathers ruffled enough for some spicy talk?

Well sorry but i don't hate either ethnic categories so find something else to get pissed about. How dare you suggest such a thing, really.

I'm tired and this entry sucked. Until tomorrow, which apparently is saturday.

if you get that last joke i like you a whole lot.


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Angel said...

regulators! mount up

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Tegethoff said...

wow... invoking Lebowski. This better be one hell of a movie.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Ryn Gray said...

yea im telling you they are fucking hilarious on screen together

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Billiams said...



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