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Monday, November 14, 2005

better to be 20 minutes early than a minute late

im still sick. i woke up friday morning and felt sick, i got drunk saturday and didnt feel sick but i woke up sunday and puked my guts out and after i got over the hangover i felt sick, thus i wake up today and i still feel sick. typically my sicness cycle lasts about 4 to 5 good days, which would put tomorrow as day 5 and the final sick day, and the least sicky of the bunch. let's cross those fingers that's how it plays out.

nathan drove me to work today and as we pulled up to my building we passed a location shoot outside of this store called Kitson. it was entourage shooting their third season. we were proud we noticed adrien grenier (vinny chase) talking on his celly near the food and beverage table. that was my celebrity spotting of the day.

i am finally ready to make a solid resolution to attempt to update every weekday. it is the least i can do for my avid readers in Canada and the Middle East. while everyday may not be as thrilling as the next, it will provide great filler between tyler durden's updates and gorillamask links. i aim to please, that's what SHE said!

mark ordesky is moving his office from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor and today he cleaned out his cabinets and unloaded tons of Lord of the Rings shit that we all happily pillaged. If you don't know who Mark Ordesky is don't worry im not mad at you but you should. He was the genius who REALLY brought Lord of the Rings to life, did the hiring, and produced the whole thing, all three movies and single handedly saved New Line Cinema from going completely down faster than a U-Boat after Hitler's suicide. so i brought home tons of LOTR's toys and such today, it made me feel a little better.

on my walk home i noticed some kids holding book fair bags. does anyone remember the book fair from elementary school? god i loved those days. I remember all the anticipation to buy books. Would they have the new Where's Waldo? What about the new Magic School Bus? And who could forget Sideways Stories from Wayside school? Those were my classics. I remember that we had it like 3 times a year and they always seemed random but now i realized they aligned the book fair with major childrens holidays. The first was halloween, the second was ofcourse christmas, and the third was valentine's day. They used to have theme's and different types of books for each of these seasons, with each having their respective mascots adorning the cover of the advertisement a week in advance. It was like we felt grown up and were able to read cool interesting books like big people did and instead of us having to go out to get them they just brought them to us. It was "in school shopping" and i loved every second of it.

i know that there was no real order to this post, more of just random thoughts, but hey back off me atleast im updating with more than a bunch of links.


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