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Thursday, October 06, 2005

feeling a bit of nostalgia

the past is something obviously we can never get back. memories are all that we can keep from something we miss and most times they can bring back the saddest and the happiest of feelings. tonight i'm feeling tad bit bittersweet.

i miss a few people. im not talking about folks from college because i spent four great years with them, i am talking about the friends that i learned how to drink with, that i helped escape police late at night. the friends i traveled back and forth with to the beach on school days and the friends i went to stupid proms with, the friends who i egged and tp'd houses with. The friends i played court baseball with and the friends i rode boats on summer afternoons with.

i was looking at Bria's profile tonight and she had some pictures up. it made me miss a few people. i really regret a lot of things from the past four years. i lost touch with a ton of my best friends whom i have come to realize really were awesome and who i basically took for granted while i was in school. i mean i didnt take them for granted, i am just the type of person who doesn't miss things very often, and it is hard for me to "miss" friends only because i will love and cherish them no matter how long the time or space between us, no matter how much time passes between our last meeting or conversation i know in my heart i will always care about them.

when i went away to school i went away with the intent on leaving a lot of shit behind me from home. i went to a place where i could start over, basically forgetting that i would eventually lose the small amount i wanted to take with me-- my friends.

i can't get these past four years back. sure i did a lot of stuff i will never forget, but i also missed out on a lot of memories with those who made me who i am now. this is for you guys. i will not proceed to make the sappiest list of people i miss for all the world to see, shove off if you can't handle it.

mike bright, dude i miss the way you make me laugh and always are restless and are never happy. it is you that was missing from my life in recent years, i can never get back the jokes you made or the impatient change of scenery you demanded but i will know that someone did enjoy those things and hope that i was in mind while you guys were doing them all.

stefan; im glad you went to europe, i am glad you continue to do music, you were the most talented one of us and i can't say i dont miss your lethargy but i do miss you being my little bitch man, more than you know dude.

matt hundley, that beard of yours rocks. i am profoundly forever indebt for all the knowledge you bestowed upon me and i miss your sarcasm and your wit. take care of my outer banks while im gone.

paul adams, well you left us before i left you and you're in a similiar boat so i can't say much other than i miss all the inappropriate times we had at your place.

bria and allie, you two are perhaps the two happiest things i miss. you always made me smile and put me in a good mood. you were contagious and i can see that you have taken that fortunate trait to where you are now and i am jealous of those who are now in your company. i just hope you dont forget about me over here on the left side. you are my mo mo and porkchop and remain to this day my favorite memory of my last summer before school, love you girls.

i could go on forever but i am tired and have to get up early for coverage in the morning. hope everyone enjoyed my soul to text. goodnight.

xoxo-slightly drunk ryan


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At 6:46 AM, Blogger matthew said...

you too are missed dude.


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