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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

celebrity time

well my profile space on my screen name has officially been maxed due to all the celebrity sitings i have had so i have decided to start a list on here instead. it will go from most recent to oldest and will constantly be updated so dont be afraid to check back often seeing as i averaging a celebrity a day, sometimes two! ok enjoi:

stacy kiebler (wcw/wwe hottie) 11/4/05 new line office, she said hi to me unprompted

adam shankman (director) 11/3/05 we met personally at new line

michael rapaport (the war at home) 11/3/05 new line office

vincent a vaughn (need i say anything really?) 11/2/05 new line office, we made eye contact

seann william scott (stifler in american pie) 11/2/05 new line elevator, we spoke it was cool

jon heder (napoleon dynamite himself) 10/21/05 New Line Waiting area

rosario dawson (rent, sin city) 10/19/05 coming in to see Mark at New Line

scott bakula(quantum leap) 10/18/05 at the beverly center

andy milonakis (douche bag, waiting) 10/17/05 new line waiting area

tom arnold (best damn sports show period) 10/17/05 new line waiting area

kristin johnson (3rd rock from the sun) 10/14 at taco bell

kate nauta (transporter 2) 10/14 new line waiting room

fat joe (rapper mogul) 10/13 at subway

joel schumaker (director Batman Forever etc) 10/7 new line office

robert patrick (terminator 2) 10/6 at a concert

kristin davis (of sex and the city fame) 10/4 in the new line office

eva longoria (desperate housewives) 10/4 in the new line office

frank oz (yoda/fozzy bear) 9/30 in the new line office

dane cook (comedian) 9/30 in the new line office

lisa ling (former host of The View) 9/29 at the newsroom cafe

iron chef host ( i dont know his name) 9/28 in the new line office

anthony keidis (red hot chili peppers) 9/27 at the newsroom cafe

cameron diaz (the mask, charlie's angels) 9/27 at a taco bell

david cronnenberg (director history of violence) 9/24 new line office

elizabeth and andrew shue (leaving las vegas & melrose place) new line office

paul walker, scott caan, giovanni ribisi, diane lane, tyson beckford, josh brolin, peter gruber, ashley adams 9/21 Into the Blue Premiere

lauren holly (dumb and dumber) 9/19 new line office

ricky shroeder ( silver spoons) 9/15 new line office

jessica alba (sin city, fantastic four) 9/12 on the street i accidentally ran into her

luke perry (90210) 9/12 in the new line waiting room

ben savage (boy meets world) 9/9 at a cafe near my building while eating lunch


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